Watch Online Tadap Web Series Hunters All Episodes

Watch Online Tadap Web Series Hunters All Episodes

Tadap web series watch online all episodes on the official Hunters app. The web series is looking good and also the acting is also good. Tadap web series episodes 1 to 3 is released on 22 February 2023. Fans are loving the web series from Hunters and also getting good responses.

Tadap web series cast Aliya Naaz, Arti, Ankita Singh in the lead roles. Tadap Part 2 web series consists of episodes 4-5 episodes and the duration will be around 25 minutes.

You can watch online Tadap web series all episodes on Hunters App. Some of the recent releases of Hunters are Sauda, Adhuri Aas, Karzdaar, Yes Man. Tadap web series revolves around a couple.

Watch Online Tadap Web Series

Tadap Web Series Cast

  • Aliya Naaz as Neelam
  • Aniruddh Singh as Vijay
  • Arti as Tina
  • Ankita Singh as Sheela

Tadap Web Series Story

The Tadap web series episode 1 starts with the scene between Neelam and Vijay but in the middle of it they say that are not enjoying and they both get angry with one another. Then they both go to the doctor where Vijay advised Neelam to tell all the truth but she leaves in the middle of it.

Vijay got a call from his aunt who lives in a village and tells him that Tina Vijay step sister got good marks in school and wanted to do college in the city. Neelam invites their aunt and Tina to his house. Tina has had a crush on Vijay since childhood. There is also a single scene of Tina alone in the last of episode 1. In which she was playing sensuously with brinjal.

In Tadap web series episode 2, we see Vijay dream about Neelam. But they both were angry with each other. When Tina touched Neelam she feels pleasure. Tina always tries to impress Vijay when she gets a chance. Neelam goes and Tina so she can feel some pleasure from her.

In Tadap Episode 3 there is a scene between Vijay and Tina and Neelam saw all that were happening between both Vijay and Tina. To know how she will react watch the web series.

Tadap web series has released three episodes featuring Aliya Naaz, and Arti in bold avatars. The next episodes will be released in next week.

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